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為鼓勵本地中小企業善用開放源碼 (免費) 電子商務系統建立自己專屬的網上商店,香港互聯網供應商協會 (HKISPA) 早前就主辦了「中小企業網店設計」大賽,希望參賽者 (即香港中小型企業或機構) 藉著參賽互相交流經驗,從而提升中小企網店的質素,近日「中小企業網店設計」大賽終於完滿結束,並於本月 17 日假香港灣景國際酒店舉行頒獎典禮。

If WordPress is the MOST popular CMS with one-fifth of the all websites built on it, Magento has the distinction of being the MOST popular CMS for e-commerce. Some of the biggest brands including Samsung, Fort, Fox Connect, Levono, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle Nespresso and Nike use Magento and so do millions of small and midsized ecommerce companies around the globe.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 15:24

Who are you on Social Networks?

A truly effective social media campaign requires setting definite goals (what you hope to get out of your efforts) and finding a way to engage your audience with relevant content. However, creating great content requires a lot more work than simply firing off a few posts now and then. To build a social content strategy that really works for your business you have to find out who you are on social networks.

Monday, 16 September 2013 15:21

What Social Media Can And Can't Do

Social media is at its best when used as a tool to build relationship, goodwill, listen and interact with customers in the early-to-middle stages of their buying cycle. This is the time to focus on providing consumers with content that matters to their buying process. Social media can also help your customers communicate the bad and the good, with you and everyone else they know. Besides, it is able to help you find opportunities to delight customers.